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John titley

This is a selection of my favourite projects across film, television, commercials and social media.

Plant Strong - Documentary Series Sizzle
Writer, Director, Editor

I was hired to write, direct and edit this sizzle reel for national news journalist Mark Neufeld's upcoming television series "Plant Strong", currently being developed with award-winning production company Merit Motion Pictures.

Writer/Director/Editor: John Titley
Host/Writer/Producer: Mark Neufeld
Cinematographer: Markus Henkel

First AC: Quan Long

Gaffer: Ryan Hanson

Sound: Ian Bawa

Tavern United/Budweiser - "NFL/NHL Headquarters" 2x15
Writer, Director, Editor

This series of commercials for Tavern United and Budweiser won the Signature Award for Best Commercial Series Under $20,000. I loved that we got to use the iconic ESPN Monday Night Football theme.

Writer/Director/Editor: John Titley

Exec Producers: Chris McIvor, Frank Digital

Cinematographer: Stephen Reckseidler

First AC: Joao Holowka

92 CITI FM / Rogers Media - "Epic" 1x30

I directed two commercial campaigns and won a Signature Award for my work with Rogers Media and radio station 92 CITI FM. This spot was my favorite of the bunch, summarizing the campaign and making superheroes out of their hosts.

Writer/Director/Editor: John Titley

Exec Producers: Rachelle Fedora, Craig Pfeiffer

Cinematographer: Kevin McQuade

First AC: Justin George

Audio: Cliff Simpson

Cold Feet - Short Film

This is one of my first short films that I co-wrote while studying at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto about a mop boy trying to work his way up in the mafia. I knew I had something special when even my 74-year-old grandmother laughed at this tragic, gruesome dark comedy. The film went on to play festivals like Fantasia Montreal and LA Screamfest before selling to AMC-IFC Networks and helped launch my career as a full-time writer.

Co-Writers: John Ainslie, John Titley, Daniel D'Alimonte
Director: Daniel D'Alimonte

Producer: Lyvia Cohen

​Editor: Jordan Crute

Music: Jeff Morrow
Cinematographer: Mikhail Petrenko
Production and Post: Rechna Varma

Exec Producers: Kathryn Emslie, Erica Proudlock

Breakfast Television - "The Waking Dead"

At the start of my career I was working as a Creative Producer for Citytv and Breakfast Television in Winnipeg. For Halloween I gathered all of our hosts and directed this parody of a smash hit television series and called it "The Waking Dead". The segment was so popular it ended up being played nationally across all markets.

Writer/Director/Editor: John Titley

Exec Producers: Rachelle Fedora

Audio: Justin George

The Office (NBC) - "The Purge" Spec Script

"The Office" is one of my all-time favorite comedies. I wrote this spec script after a conversation with a friend about how funny it would be to subject the characters to the horror movie premise of "The Purge".

Click here to download the PDF of the script.

The Office - Michael Stay Calm Gif.gif

"The Legend of Zelda" is my favorite video game franchise. I wrote this spec script as a writing experiment with the main character, Link, as a silent protagonist.

Click here to download the PDF of the script.

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